FoodSafe UV Sterilizers are exceptionally safe & versatile disinfection systems for surface, packaging & conveyor applications designed to bask meat, fish & poultry, fruits & vegetables, baked goods and packaging with UVC germicidal light. The UV system is extremely effective at destroying surface contamination while extending product shelf-life. Only a few seconds of exposure can achieve up to a 99.999% destruction of common biological contaminants that are problematic in the food industry. All FoodSafe UV Sterilizers are TEFLON® coated to protect the contents of the Lamp from escaping in the event of Lamp breakage. All systems are available in lengths from 12” to 60” and any number of systems can work together for any size application. FEATURES
  • Incorporate UV fixtures into the production line (i.e. over conveyer belts) to bask the products and surfaces prior to packaging maintaining a sterile product ready for distribution or consumption
  • Destroy surface contamination & extend product shelf-life
  • Sterilization of surfaces including meat, fish & ultram, fruits & vegetables, baked goods and packaging
  • Easily incorporates into pre-existing sorting, manufacturing and packaging equipment
  • All FoodSafe UV Lamp Systems are TEFLON® coated to guarantee no UV Lamp contents from escaping in the event of Lamp breakage

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